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  • Becksöndergaard

    The story of Becksöndergaardbegan in the middle of the night somewhere in Asia.

    To be a bit more precise, the story began in 2003, when danish design lovers and school friends Anna Søndergaard and Lis Beck went to Seoul in search of inspi- ration, something that could kick- start their new idea: the dream of starting a business together. What exactly they were looking for they did not know.

    In addition, the trip was supposed to have been to Hong Kong, but this had been changed at the last minute due to the SARS epidemic. Nevertheless, they were ready for adventure, ready to build something together.

    At a chaotic local night market, they stumbled upon the most beautiful items created in eelskin. It was love at first sight, and soon a rather large order for the now iconic granny purse was delivered to their hotel room. At the time, the pair did not know where or how to sell them. They did not know, either, that this would be the founding product, and the very first stepping stone, of an international accessories brand. But what they did know was that, in the end, great design is always down to the product. And they knew to trust the feeling of love at first sight when you lay eyes on a product.

    This is why the story of Becksöndergaard is written partly with reBellious love but mostly through our products.

    Becksöndergaard create accessories. Design touches of creativity, personality, and rebellion against looking like everyone else. Those details that women and girls around the world fall too much in love with to leave the shop without.

    To us, an accessory is the extra dose of personality, and whether it comes as a print scarf, a pair of socks, an umbrella or a bikini, we have succeeded.

    Create individuality. To do this, we have to be innovative in everything we do. So when we create one of our signature prints, we do it to tell a story. Every collection tells a story, and every collection is centred on the sTory scarf where sources of inspiration are summed up.

  • Chila Bags

    The Wayuu are an indigenous community that lives in the arid peninsula of La Guajira, in northern Colombia. Textile art is one of the most remarkable characteristics of its culture. Transmitted from mothers to daughters for many generations, for the Wayúu women, weaving is an art where they can express their feelings and longings.

    Wayúu handbags are made with 100% natural cotton threads in crochet or crochet, and are hand-woven, in a totally handmade way by the women of the tribe. To make each piece, women can take at least 20 days.

    Comfortable, cheerful and colorful, the Wayuu handbags are causing a sensation and we can see them hanging from the shoulders of many celebrities, in the collections of numerous firms and we bring them to you by Chila Bags.

    Chila Bags was created in 2013 after a trip to La Guajira. They fell in love not only with the place, but also with the beautiful handbags made by the women of the Wayuu tribe. Since then they work personally with the Wayuu women and have eliminated intermediaries by making sure they receive a salary and that they work in good conditions.

    The popularity of these bags is very important for these women, since weaving by hand these pieces and then selling them support the economy of their villages.

    Chila Bags patterns are ideal for any time of the year, for your trips around the world, for a day at the beach ... a basic for all seasons.

    Join the Wayuu trend!

  • Devotion

    The designer from Devotion Athina Parnasa Born and raised in Athens in 1967. A signature style of sharp tailoring, natural confidence and sexy femininity was immediately apparent in her first collection.

    “In 2001 we set off on a wonderful journey in the world of fashion trying to create modern collections with high aesthetic and complete lifestyle suggestions for every season.Foundation of our attempt is the strong bond we share with our customers which is based on consistency, trust and mutual respect.In continuation of this attempt to be always up to date with contemporary fashion and to meet the needs of a truly informed woman.”

    “In 2013 Athina creation a new collection Devotion_Twins inspired by the Grecian-chic culture and tradition, launches the new holiday lifestyle collection. The nature, the greek heritage and architecture are appeared in a modern edition under accurate harmony. You will have the opportunity to notice all-time classic values and symbols of the Greek civilization to be depicted in natural fabrics, embroideries and hand-made details. Clean lines, minimal structures and geometric patterns full of made in Greece influences composite the DEVOTION_TWINS”.

    Devotion commitment to sustainability is evident throughout all her collections and is part of the brand’s ethos to being a responsible, honest, and modern company.

  • Nach

    High-end porcelain jewelry.

    Nadia and Nancy Koch, two sisters in the heart of the French brand: Nach.

    Based in his hometown, Toulouse (south of France), Nach is born of a common passion for fashion and a family legacy: his father has been working in porcelain miniatures for more than 40 years.

    With this know-how in heritage, turning porcelain into trendy, high-end jewellery was the sisters’ vision.

    The brand’s name is coming from the contraction of:

    Nadia & Nancy Koch = Nach

    They have relied on their family's knowledge of porcelain crafts to create unique jewelry and accessories in their conception and style.

    All its porcelain pieces are handmade and hand painted.

    The originality of their creations comes from the use of porcelain alone or combined with other materials.

    The design of your animal jewelry is unmistakable.

    You can find your "talisman" piece within the timeless collection of Nach!

  • P.F. Candle Co.

    P.F. Candle Co. is a Los Angeles-based fragrance company owned and operated by wife-and-husband team Kristen Pumphrey and Thomas Neuberger.

    The P.F. Candle Co. classic line includes a collection of unisex, fresh, botanical, spicy, and wood-based scents packaged in apothecary style amber glass and kraft paper. The line encompasses candles, room sprays, incense, and reed diffusers.

    The formula is simple: 100% domestically-grown soy wax, fine fragrance oil, and a cotton-core wick.

    Why soy wax? 

    Soy wax is a plant-based alternative to traditional paraffin wax that reduces our reliance on petroleum byproducts, meaning it’s plastic-free! We love soy wax because it creates clean-burning candles you can feel good about.

    And for places or areas where you can not light a flame the option of reed diffusers is perfect. We offer you the same aromas as in the candle line with a duration of 2-3 months. We recommend flipping the sticks every 1-2 weeks.

    All of P.F. Candle Co. products are designed and produced in Southern California.

    Its mission is to create a high quality fragrance for both the home and the body at affordable prices.

  • Pernille Corydon

    "La creación es mi gran pasión. Constantemente veo nuevas posibilidades y formas. El impulso de crear siempre ha sido parte de mí. Encuentro mi inspiración en la moda, la arquitectura, los muebles, la naturaleza y en las personas. Soy muy observadora y veo detalles que me inspiran en todas partes ", dice Pernille Corydon.

    Una pasión sincera por crear pequeñas piezas de belleza cotidiana con un toque simple pero distintivo es lo esencial detrás del diseño de la joyería de Pernille Corydon. Desde su creación en Dinamarca en 2007, Pernille Corydon se conecta con la simplicidad escandinava.

    "La fascinación de nuestro entorno y las formas fuertes que se pueden descubrir en todas partes, si se permite descubrirlas, nos inspira constantemente".

    Al abrazar la naturaleza y capturar formas, las hermosas colecciones de Pernille Corydon cobran vida. 

    "Creemos en contar historias y queremos darles a nuestras clientas la oportunidad de expresar su personalidad y feminidad usando nuestras joyas".

    Cuando llevas el diseño de Pernille Corydon llevas pequeños recuerdos para guardar y recordar. Y el lenguaje limpio en el diseño facilita la combinación de las piezas a su gusto.

    Nacida en 1976, Pernille Corydon creció en la pequeña ciudad de Kerteminde, en la isla danesa de Funen. El interés de Pernille Corydon por la artesanía se demostró a una edad temprana y, a través de los años, su talento único se hizo cada vez más evidente. En 2007, Pernille Corydon comenzó a enfocarse en el diseño de joyería, formada y producida por sus propias manos.

    Esta marca danesa captura la esencia de estilo contemporáneo de todo el mundo. Interpretando creativamente las tendencias actuales de la moda, las líneas escénicas, el diseño de interiores y los clásicos arquitectónicos con la intención específica de crear colecciones de joyas para mujeres de todas las edades.

    Joyas con actitud y de diseño moderno a precios asequibles.

    La simplicidad escandinava inspirada en formas geométricas caracteriza la obra de Pernille Corydon. Ella diseña una joyería distinta, moderna y despojada de exceso.

    El cuidado de tus joyas Pernille Corydon:

    El desgaste es inevitable, pero siguiendo unas sencillas pautas tus joyas durarán más tiempo:

    - Evita usar joyas al bañarte, al nadar, al tomar el sol, limpiar, jardinería, o al realizar actividades deportivas.

    - Siempre protege tus joyas de golpes, arañazos, luz solar y del calor/frío extremo.

    - No dejes que tus joyas entren en contacto con perfume, detergentes u otros productos químicos.

    - Guarda tus joyas de forma segura en su caja forrada o en bolsa protectora.

    - Limpia tus joyas con regularidad. Para su limpieza diaria usa agua caliente con una gota de jabón suave.

  • Rabens Saloner

    She is adventurous, creative and a traveler at heart. Most of the collections are created in her many trips to exotic places and hidden in the east, while she strives to find small artisans to help her bring their collections to life. Behind the Rabens Saloner clothes is Birgitte Raben Olrik.

    "I love the creative process, I started traveling around Asia, I met many artisans and started buying different things, I sold them from the back of my car, I met many buyers since I've been involved in the fashion industry for years. , and then slowly evolved to where I am today, "explains Birgitte Raben Olrik.

    At the heart of the brand is the important feeling that everything has to come from his heart. Raben Olrik is creating his own aesthetic, his own DNA.

    "I like women who dress themselves and create their own identity, personality is important, but you have to dress accordingly, I designed for women like that, women with a strong sense of personality, and I want you to feel good about my clothes ".

    Artisan approach: When you wear a Rabens Saloner garment, you stand out. If it is not for the design it is for the luxurious fabrics that are often made and dyed by hand by small craftsmen in Asia. It is a journey in constant development for Birgitte to find and work with new and exciting people who help create their universe.

    "They are so good at craftsmanship, their color is amazing and absolutely unique, when I work with colors, I will work with a variety of nuances, but craftsmen create the most wonderful combinations and tones," says Raben Olrik.

    Asia has been a fascination and love of his for years, and is likely to remain so.

    "I like the process of East and West in Rabens Saloner, it's important for me to incorporate that in everything, everything in the West is much cleaner, the lines are cleaner, I want to create something new from that, combining it with the outer world. and completely fascinating about something very different: my love for Asia. "

    Rabens Saloner is a Danish brand with an exotic and urban air, aimed at women with a great personality and who create their own identity by dressing up.

  • The Jacksons

    The Jacksons is a genuine London store. Since opening in Notting Hill in 1998, Louise, the owner has not stopped evolving and developing her own collections.

    Eager to manufacture high quality products and in good condition, the brand develops its collections thanks to fair trade.

    The original and fun handmade handbags from The Jacksons are the result of the collaboration between the designer Louise Jackson and the artisanal workers by tradition of southwestern Bangladesh.

    The colors of the bags encourage any trip to the gym, the beach or shopping. The bags of 100% jute, locally grown, are light, flexible and durable.

    The purpose of the project is to encourage local women in Bangladesh, through the income that this work provides, to have access to health and education.

    Thanks to their skills and talent they are self-sufficient and independent in their communities.

    Louise visits them regularly and sees first hand the real benefits it offers.

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